Rossella Ugolini and Forme D’ arte are the winners of Missgio prize for Roma Jewelry Week 2021

Good morning my precious readers,
Following the release of the contest for the 2022 edition of Roma Jewelry Week , I’d like to tell you about the two winners of last year’s Missgio Prize.
The first winner was Forme D’arte by Rosamaria Venetucci.

She studied at the Ambrosian Goldsmith School, where she now teaches goldsmithing.

Forme D' arte x missgio
Forme D’ Artegoldsmithing.
Rosamaria is an all-round artist, an eclectic woman with multiple artistic interests. She attended the Experimental Centre of Cinematography and the Academy for Window Dressing in Milan; she began her career by making furnishing accessories before she moved on to design original and unconventional jewellery made from poor materials.
Her huge and varied technical and artistic skills and her passion for nature led her step into the world of goldworking by creating therapeutic jewellery using the healing power of stones.
Forme D' arte x missgio
Forme D’Arte

 For the Roma Jewelry Week  contest Rosamaria designed a piece of jewellery entitled “La Gioia Ritrovata” (Rediscovered Joy).

It’s a large bracelet in which a small village with a group of neighbouring houses actually shows the remoteness and fear created by walls. And here it comes a sudden surprise: the bracelet is a box of hope hiding a pendant.
So, here the light is again, the rediscovered joy, from darkness to hope.
Forme D' arte x missgio
Forme D’ Arte

With this amazing piece of jewellery, Rosamaria Venetucci fully got the theme of the contest… a new sunny day at last, a return to communicating and to embracing.

This awful bracelet perfectly mirrors Rosamaria’s artistic production: large-sized jewellery, true meaningful and detailed sculptures.
Jewels to admire, jewels that amaze the looking women and make them unique when wearing them.
The co-winner of the Missgio Prize was Rossella Ugolini.
Rossella Ugolini per MissGio
Rossella Ugolini

Rossella began her artistic career at the Academy of Arts and at the European Institute of Design. She graduated in literature from La Sapienza University in Rome and specialized in art history; in the same years she learned the techniques and trade secrets at goldsmiths’ workshops.

Her work is based on making her intuition and ideas real, on transforming them into pieces of jewellery.
This is a sort of “game”, as she likes to define it, that she has been playing since she was a child.
Rossella Ugolini per MissGio
Rossella Ugolini

The jewel that won our contest is a marvellous pendant entitled “Propagarsi” (Propagating). Rossella’s creation has a central heart made of natural quartz, representing herself, her existence, her heart. From here fine red silk threads branch off to reach a golden structure representing the world and the living beings around us.

Rossella has the undeniable ability to give natural, harmonious, simple, and certainly unique shapes to her creations, all made truly precious by details.
Rossella Ugolini per MissGio
Rossella Ugolini
I look forward to meeting you at the next edition of Roma Jewelry Week, taking place in October 2022, whose theme will be: ‘The Grand Tour, the colours of travel’.
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