Ciao my dear readers, my name is Giorgia. Today I write to all of you for the first time and with big emotions…

Together with all of you I’m now starting a new activity in which I will put all my energy and passion, and I’m sure thanks to all of you I’ll be able to transform all of this into a new exiting adventure…

Let me tell you briefly who I am and what this blog is about.
I’m from Rome, I’m a young mother and since a very early age I have a big passion or, to be more precise, an obsession for jewels.

Yes, my dear friends, jewlery.

I’m sure that all of you, maybe some of you more than others, share with me the same passion for those marvelous objects that have always been accompanying us in every occasion and every event, whether it’s more or less important or simply in the daily life.

The idea to create a blog dedicated to jewlery developed when I decided to combine my passion for jewlery with another activity of mine, modeling. Please don’t think of me as a full time model, I don’t have the age for that anymore, it’s simply an activity that happened to manifest in my life by serendipity and it occupies just a small part of my time. The rest of my time is devoted to my normal day job, I’m a business psychologist, responsible for marketing and communication in a very important healthcare facility in Rome.

But my real passion is the art of the goldsmith and the study of jewlery. This passion moved me to study and educate myself and constantly update with specialized megazines, books, and exhibitions. Because I wanted to know more details about all the difficulties and the beauty of creating a jewel, I participated in several workshops dedicated to the art of the goldsmith. This experience allowed me to develop a deep understanding of the quality of those precious objects and of the transformation; from the process of melting metal to the embedding of the stones…

During this journey I would like to show you the most beautiful creations that I’ll find… The artwork of amazing goldsmiths or important international brands, but at the same time also the amazing and special work of small artisans of jewlery made in Italy. I hope that together we will encounter interesting artisans and take some delight in their precious work that makes our existence even more brilliant.

Till very soon my beloved friends.