Il gusto raffinato ed elegante nei gioielli Elena Donati

Good morning my dear readers! I’m finally back to tell you about a fantastic new brand: Elena Donati Milano.

I met Elena at Vicenzaoro and I was immediately impressed and fascinated by her simple, linear, and super-stylish creations, which somehow mirror their creator.
Elena, the brand’s founder, is an ever smiling and dynamic woman with a refined taste, and when we met, we immediatelyknew we shared an affinity.
Elena Donati was born in Rome like me, but, after graduating in economics and working for a while in her family business, she moved to London where she lived for nearly 15 years. There she graduated in Interior Design and cultivated her passion for jewellery and obtained a goldsmith diploma from the K2 Academy of Contemporary Jewellery. Back in Milan, she created her own brand, giving birth to her first collection.
The iconic element of her jewellery is a tiny stylized flower that she sketched while she was lost in her thought. Small,asymmetrical, with golden petals forming sinuous and thin lines of timeless elegance.
Rings, bracelets and pendants embellished with natural precious and semiprecious stones or faint, coloured enamels. Elena Donati GioelliHer first collection “Never Stop Blooming” is greatly inspired by nature, and her next collections, including “Light Me Up”, “Just For You”, and “Just Like That”, also feature the stylized flower as their key element. In all collections the creator’s elegant hand is clearly recognizable, just as her impeccable taste and her concept of beauty and class.
All jewels by Elena Donati are handmade by skilled Italian artisans, and their little imperfections are valuable distinctivesigns that can make you feel truly unique.
I’m going to have the pleasure of meeting Elena again next October at the Roma Jewelry Week 2023, where she will award the “Elena Donati” prize to the winning designer competing in the “Second Life” contest. So, I ask you to visit the fair and meet this wonderful artist in person.
You can find and purchase her creations at website or follow her Instagram page @elenadonati_milano to stay up to date with the latest news.
Write to you soon my dearest readers!

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