Filiberto Nerone ed i suoi occhiali Sartoriali Gioiello

Good morning my dear readers,

As you know by now, I love the world of jewellery in all its forms and facets. So today I want to introduce you in my blog to a good friend of mine: Filiberto Nerone, founder of the omonymous brand which produces amazing and innovative luxury tailor-made eyewear.

Filiberto was an athlete. However, living in Forte dei Marmi, the world-known luxury holiday resort, let him breath in an air of fashion and elegance. Thus he developed good taste and special inventiveness, which allowed him to make his way in the world of fashion with a truly innovative product.

Sunglasses have always been among the most fashionable accessories. The best fashion houses in the world periodically launch countless models on the market, so as to attract as many customers as possible. Filiberto’s innovative idea was to break away from this serial production approach and to create one-of-a-kind products especially made for every single customer, designed only for his or her own face… that’s why they can be defined tailor-made: just like tailors do with clothing, Filiberto creates customized, perfectly fitting glasses by using a sophisticated 3D technology. Download Filiberto Nerone’s application and try it out.

His glasses are all made of precious materials, including 18-carat gold, diamond powder, natural stones or sustainable lab grown. Nothing is left to chance, not even the lenses which are all made in Italy and can obviously come in different colours and be prescription and sun lenses.

As you know, even in jewellery-making I adore this style. I love those who have the courage to dare, to experiment, to turn down conformism. That’s why when I visit fairs around the world and small local markets, I always look for astoning, amazing objects. Filiberto’s eyewear are just like this as it astonishes and amazes me.

Check out all models at and the news on Ig page filibertonerone.

Write to you soon, my dear 

Filiberto Nerone jewelry eyewear

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