Ellence ed i suoi strabilianti Gioielli

Good morning, my precious friends!
For a long time I’d wanted to tell you about Ellence, the brand created by Luisa Di Muro: a wonderful artist, a friend of mine, but above alla generous, sensitive, elegant, caring, beautiful, determined woman… I could go on listing her qualities, yet it wouldn’t be enough.
I met Elle (Luisa’s artist name) at the first edition of Roma Jewelry Week, where she presented “Over the Rainbow”, a massive, fabulous, brightly coloured necklace. I was immediately struck by this piece, and I wanted to wear it at all costs.
Elle founded her brand in 2018 with the desire to start a new life, abandoning the hectic pace of work of Milan in favour of her inexhaustible creative world.
Ellence’s creations are unquestionably unique: bracelets, but above all necklaces of impressive dimensions, made with masterful technique, true works of art. No surprise that they are on display at the Galleria Rossini in Milan.
All Ellence’s necklaces originate from a specific feeling, state of mind, atmosphere, like “Rebirth”, the necklace with wonderful pearls arranged in aseemingly random way. Or are inspired by nature, like the colorful and beautiful “My Secret Garden,” whose stones create a secret place, a station of stopover and rest for the body and the spirit. She sometimes gets inspiration from places and cities, this is the case of the wonderful “Caput Mundi,” inspired by Rome and its majestic Colosseum.
Ellence’s works are not easy to wear: a total interpenetration between the artwork and the wearer is necessary (this is what happened to me). Through this”physical” bond the jewel becomes a dress, an outfit, a part of your way of being and feeling.
I suppose it’s clear that I am in love with Ellence’s pieces of jewellery. I loved wearing and taking pictures of them. I’m lucky enough to own a few, gifts fromElle, that I adore and proudly wear whenever I can.
I’m so happy that I’ve finally told to you about Elle and her amazing brand. Pleasego and check out her website www.lapetiterobenoire.international and Instagram page @ellence_lapetiterobenoire: you’ll realize the truth of my words. I just adore Luisa as a woman and as an artist.
Write to you soon, my precious friends!

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