La Roma Jewelry Week è iniziata!

Good morning, my precious friends!
We are in the middle of the Roma Jewelry Week and I’m thrilled by the great success of this first edition.
Architect Monica Cecchini planned and organised the event. Goldsmith Emanuele Leonardi and historian and jewellery critic Bianca Cappello worked with her in the project. Their remarkably original idea was to create an event less connected to the fashion world (as is the case of Milan Jewelry Tour) but a new, different event, taking advantage of Rome’s huge historical and cultural richness, that as regards jewellery is often under-exploited.

The event is going to end on 17 October 2021. Dozens of events took place in the last few days: guided tours of some of the city’s most interesting districts, lectures on the goldsmith’s art, presentations of books, not to mention, of course, more than 130 international designers’ exhibitions whose creations are displayed throughout the city.

The international event is under the patronage of Rome’s first Municipality and the Italian-American Chamber of Commerce in New York and is promoted by the Incinque Open Art Monti association.
The RJW’s goal is to connect the city’s history, culture, ancient goldsmith’s art to modern, innovative and sophisticated jewellery.
Many organisations are involved, such as Università e Nobil Collegio degli Orefici Gioiellieri Argentieri dell’Alma Città di Roma, AGC Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo, IED Roma and Accademia Italiana.

The highlight of the RJW are on the one hand the tours led by the guides from AGTAR, Rome’s authorized tourist guide association; on the other hand, the Premio Incinque Jewels promoted by the Incinque Open Art Monti association. The contest aims at promoting the culture of Contemporary Jewellery in Rome’s area and is going to take place for the first time in the archaeological site Auditorium di Mecenate from 15 to 17 October.

The digital communication start-up CULTT has put together all businesses participating in the Roma Jewelry Week under a single digital infrastructure to give let visitors experience performative narratives and get lost in the universe of jewellery, between luxury and craftsmanship.
Anyone can take part in the photo contest launched in the event. The best photo’s author is going to win a jewel designed by Marco Mormile, the artist chosen for the Premio Incinque Jewels 2021.
The event also includes my particular contribution: I’m going to assign the special @missgio Award to the competing jewel that will strike me most. I’m so happy to be media partner in an event that will surely become a benchmark among all international jewellery events. Double happiness because Rome, my home city, is finally again leading actor in the field of jewellery I love so much.
Here are the map links:
In compliance with Legislative Decree no. 105 of 23 July 2021, a Green Pass is required to access all planned events.
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