Rental luxury bijoux, with Carlo Zini and Comenuovo you can!!!

Good morning my beloved, brilliant readers, ladies and gentlemen,
After a short break, I’m back to present to you a new, fantastic service, “the rental of luxury bijoux ”, starring Carlo Zini Bijoux brand, which I have already written about in another article full of love and enthusiasm (read here).

I love Carlo Zini’s jewels. I love their majesty. I love their explosion of bright colours. They are just vibrant, unique, amazing. Their creations can turn you into a movie diva, a fairy tale princess or just can satisfy your desire for elegance and femininity.

As you know, it’s not always easy to have the right necklace for every last minute event, the jewel that perfectly matches your new dress, the right earrings for your new haircut or that fit your latest lovely hairstyle: that’s where the idea of luxury jewellery rental comes from. The idea we all were waiting for.

Being the obsessive collector I am, my hunt for special jewels is endless. I’m always after the perfect piece for the forthcoming meeting, ceremony or big night, so renting jewels is a fantastic, innovative solution. A three-month subscription to ComeNuovo, in partnership with Carlo Zini Bijoux, includes 3, 6 or 10 jewels of your choosing every month.

Brilliant idea, isn’t it? Of course I immediately took advantage of this service and received three incredible jewels. I am going to enjoy them throughout the month of September.

ComeNuovo, a leading company in fashion industry, operates as a dealer of second-hand designer clothes and accessories. It has set up an App CZ on Play store, where you can take out a subscription and choose the pieces of jewellery you want to hire. In other words, you can select any necklace, brooch, ring, pair of earrings, bag, tiara or whatever you like, keep them with you for 30 days and replace them the next month.

The subscription costs 99 euros, 199 euros and 299 euros per month for 3, 6 and 10 jewels, selected among over 5,000 pieces, respectively.

For the first time ever, you will have the opportunity to show off different pieces of jewellery suitable for any event and season. I think you definitely shouldn’t miss it!!!
Jewels are key accessories in every woman’s outfit. However, the increasing prices of precious metals and the growing manufacturing costs are making their purchase harder and harder, so it’s great to be able to count on ComeNuovo’s beautiful, unique and special jewellery.
On behalf of all jewellery lovers, I’d like to thank ComeNuovo for this wonderful novelty and Carlo Zini Bijoux for their superb luxury creations.
Now all you, my precious friends, got to do is selecting your summer and autumn jewellery on and then please share your experience.

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