The wonderful bijoux of Carlo Zini

Hello, my jewellery lovers! It’s with great pleasure that today in my blog I’m gonna tell you about my encounter, or better yet, about my falling in love with Carlo Zini, the king of Bijoux, the “Stones Juggler”.

Carlo Zini Bijoux
Carlo Zini Bijoux
Those who lived the ‘80s to the full and those who like me have a taste in colours, glazes and excesses can’t help but adore Carlo Zini.
His career began very early. He was only sixteen when he was hired to work in the famous craft workshop run in Milan by Diana Monili, who immediately recognized his precocious talent and natural creativity.

After ten years of training, which helped him grow professionally and creatively, in 1976 Carlo Zini’s brand was born. The encounter with former graphic designer Marco Fei and the birth of their partnership brought Carlo Zini’s brand to very high creative levels and made it internationally known, which is quite unusual for a bijoux manufacturer.

Carlo Zini Bijoux
Carlo Zini Bijoux
During the ‘80s the production of Carlo Zini’s jewellery was boosted as its dimensions increased and the use of glazes, coloured stones, strass and crystals became more generous.
Carlo Zini’s bijoux began to spread worldwide and to be worn by the most stylish and influential women on the international stage, like Liza Minelli, Naomi Campbell, Tina Turner, Cher, Liz Taylor, Princess Caroline of Monaco, Margaret Thatcher.

Partnerships with important fashion houses such as Coveri and Moschino contributed to the company’s increased international fame, while its production extended to bags and accessories.
Still today creativity, opulence, majesty and a magnificent manufacture feature the company’s numerous collections.

The exclusive design of each bijoux is in no way inferior to high jewellery. Needless to say, that all pieces are wonderful; you know how fond I am of excesses, so I obviously love the most colourful, impressive ones, where glazes and stones weave together into a unique combination.
Snakes, crocodiles and panthers are the protagonists of the animal collection; its necklaces studded with colourful stones can make any daring woman beautiful and majestic. With the arrival of summer, what’s not to wear at least one piece of the marine collections or one summer shaded, wonderfully excessive bijoux. Don’t let their considerable dimensions scare you though! I’m certainly not a valkyrie, but even I feel totally comfortable wearing a maxi necklace as in the picture.
Carlo Zini Bijoux
Carlo Zini Bijoux

Carlo Zini’s jewels enrich your personality, gift you with the originality of unique and exceptional pieces able to make you a woman like no other.
While wearing them you can feel happiness, a wonderful desire to be outstanding, a fascinating combination of colours that can sparkle off your unicity and bring out your temper in a lively way.
I want to thank Carlo Zini for letting me wear some of the most gorgeous pieces of his collection.

On the brand’s website you can of course admire the countless pieces of its many collections… Well, I suggest daring: HAVE FUN AND GIVE FUN!
Let’s get ready for an amazing summer. Hugs to all of you.

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