Luxury Piercing in Rome by Maria Tash

Hello my dear friends, today in my blog i will tell you about the woman who revolutionized the idea of piercing, she made these small, wonderful mini-jewels, not only as objects for a few passionate lovers, but to allow to transform a hidden desire into a reality for every woman, she is the extraordinary Maria Tash.

Store Maria Tash
Store Maria Tash
Maria is an entrepreneur of the highest level, she is recognized as the world’s leading body piercing expert. A twenty-year career that started with her studies in London has led her to become a true icon of international jewelry and today in her New York store you can easily meet world-class stars like Beyoncé, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Moss, Jennifer Hudson and Scarlett Johansson. Maria Tash has revolutionized the concept of piercing focusing on extreme quality and technical perfection.
Maria Tash piercing
Maria Tash piercing
She finally arrived in Italy with sale point in Rome. Right here, in a corner on the splendid Palazzo della Rinascente in Via del Tritone, I finally fulfilled one of my little dreams, to own one of Maria Tash’s little jewels.
You might be wondering why I waited so long… You must know that during pregnancy and lactation it’s impossible to pierce and Maria Tash’s collaborators are very diligent about as the sterility in the procedures and the attention to the client, which is one of the strengths of their work, so I had to wait until now that I have finished breastfeeding.
It was a real “expirience” because it is really a “journey” when you arrive at Maria Tash’s corner, when you find yourself full of her earrings. The people who work for Maria are a big family and Maria really gives the impression of being a person who manages to be always present even for the silly need of a client.
I can’t even put into words my amazement when, just as I chose one of her beautiful earrings, I received a phone call from Maria Tash herself, to whom I had sent an email the day before!
Alessia, the manager of the store in Rome, and Ruben, the piercer, welcomed me and immediately fulfilled my wishes.

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At first they carefully studied the shape of my ear, to suggest what to do and how, I wanted a helix, i.e. a piercing on the cartilage in the upper and inner ear and then they chose with me the right earring to create a design suited for my face, illuminating it.
Each earring or piercing of Maria Tash is in gold and diamonds, and for each model there are at least 2-3 different sizes.
After choosing my earrings and the exact point where to do the piercing with the experts, I made an appointment for the following week, an appointment that you can also take directly on the site Although I have nine holes in my ears, this was my first piercing, while the others, made decades ago, were made with a gun. I can assure you that despite working for years in the healthcare sector, I was really impressed by the cleanliness and precision of the work of the experts that takes place inside a piercing-room that has nothing to envy from an operating room. It is very difficult to find such a precise working protocol that makes the procedure absolutely reassuring. So in the end I got five splendid piercings of brilliants for myself and I would recommend it to anyone who also wants to make the experience of completely abandoning the idea of traditional piercing, made in titanium, in the usual banal shapes we all know.
The creations of Maria Tash are real little masterpieces, with a luxurious and absolutely unconventional superb design. You should not underestimate the comfort of not having the butterfly visible behind the ear when you make a choignon or the great satisfaction of not feeling pain at night when you go to sleep….thank you Maria
Maria Tash piercing
Maria Tash piercing

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