Francesco Barbato and the unmistakable line of her jewellery

francesco barbato per missgioDear readers and friends, lovers of jewelry, today in my blog I’m at the beach of Sabaudia, looking at the wild sea of the latesummer… And coincidentally I want to talk to you today about a dear friend of mine, an artist and sculptor whose creations at least many of them— unequivocally recall the waves of the sea.
Francesco Barbato per missgioHis name is Francesco Barbato, he is a fantastic artist, his splendid creations are in fact first of all sculptures; looking at his works you can become mesmerized by theshapes, with their swirls and convolutions that seem as if they have neither a beginning nor an end.Originally, Francesco started his career as a sculptor, his creations are absolutely unique and recognizable in their design. You can find his artwork in different locations, from the very posh market in Formentera to the market of Monti in Rome or directly in his boutique inBologna.
As I told you, Francesco is a very skilled sculptor who only later approached jewelry, managing to transform different types of metals in very artistic pieces of jewelry.The first time I saw his work was at VicenzaOro. His works were exhibited as veritable sculptures on small pedestals, and I tell you my first reaction was to sit on a bench and admire these tiny masterpieces, just as I would have done in front of a painting in an art exhibition…At the moment, Francesco is an established member of the world of fashion and with his unique creations he is participating with great success at the fashion week and at some of the most famous international exhibitions of jewelry across the world.
Francesco Barbato per missgioWhat makes his jewelry truly precious is not the nobility of the metals used or the presence of precious stones, but it is undoubtedly the unique style and design.
Wavesin space following each other, spirals of pentagrams, gorgeously colored stones, all these elements together are reminiscent of the harmony of nature, his biggest inspiration.
Francesco Barbato also has a unique ability that comes from his sensitivity, he is able to choose the perfect jewel for each of us. It only takes him a few seconds to identify the perfect piece of jewelry that suits your personality.Barbato creates simple models suitable for anyone and perfect to wear in any occasion as well more refined works for people who love to dare. Bracelets, rings and necklaces are very beautiful and ornamental—wearing them you will immediately feel chic and fashionable.Francesco, as I said, is a great artist, sculptor and photographer, but above all he is an exquisite person! I also had the pleasure to meet him with his wife, Lisa, with whom he travels around the world to promote his wonderful jewels. Talking to them you understand that if you have real love and passion for what you do, the finalproduct can only be splendid.Thank you, Francesco!
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