Passion and creativity of Amlé jewellery

Good morning, my precious readers! Today, in my blog I’m going to tell you about a wonderful, exciting, very elegant friend who designs and produces fantastic pieces of jewellery, a true expression of her being: Marisa Angelucci from Amlé Jewellery.

Marisa started her activity as an antique dealer, and soon after her creativity and style made her shop a landmark for the original objects on sale and its atmospheres.

She then started producing handmade jewellery, drawing inspiration from the classical culture and from Campania’s popular tradition’s objects, first of all il tamburello (“the tambourine”).It’s the imagination and creativity of this tenacious and smiling woman that make each piece of her jewellery ax example of fineness and uniqueness.

I think that Amlé’s collections can be best described by the word



Each piece by Amlé, Marisa made up this name for her brand, is one-of-a-kind, designed, sketched and then produced with classic or extremely innovative materials chosen after careful studies and technological research.

Horn, coral, cameos, silver and semi-precious stones are used to craft colourful, showy, stunning, and refined earrings, bracelets and necklaces of big dimensions.

Not only valuable hand-painted tambourines. The brand also produces madonnas with ascetic and delicate faces typical of the artistic-religious tradition of southern Italy, stampi (thin foils cut and worked in the mould) and votive offerings typical as well of the Neapolitan goldsmith’s tradition, revisited in a fantastic and modern key, made of silver with coral, pearls, and semi-precious stones. To create them, Amlé uses true Bourbon stampi trimmed by hand.

All jewels made by Amlé are true small, extremely recognisable masterpieces and prove the manufacturing ability of southern Italy, which was thought to have gone lost.

At the beginning of this short article, I highlighted Amlé’s craftsmanship, but after meeting Marisa I realised that the best word to describe her work: passion. A passion exploding in colours, attention for details, the refined beauty of her madonnas’ faces, and that I see in her eyes every time we meet somewhere in Italy.

You can check out and purchase Amlé collections online at or via Instagram @amleofficial. My suggestion is to visit their new store in Caserta, Via Mazzini 50 to enjoy an unforgettable experience.


Write to you soon, my dear readers!


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