Scarabocchio by Roberto Poggiali

Roberto Poggiali

My dearest and loyal readers, here I’m back again, ready to write in my blog about jewellery and about the encounters I recently had in its marvellous world.

Today I’m really pleased to introduce to you a young jewellery maker, Gloria Poggiali, whose brand was born in the early ’70s … “How is it possible?” you may ask. Well, it’s her father Roberto Poggiali, a Florentine goldsmith, who actually founded the brand.
Even when Roberto Poggiali began his business with a workshop in the chief town of Tuscany in 1971, he would use exclusively craft techniques and create jewels ranging from classic to more versatile contemporary. 50 years later, he agreed to help his daughter Gloria in her challenge and to bring his extensive expertise and creativity into her project of fashion accessories.
Driven by her passion for bijoux and accessories that she believes can define and enhance every woman’s style, Gloria Poggiali began to create fascinating, contemporary “made in Florence” collections. Thus were born collections of jewellery designed for women like us, who love and enjoy an innovative touch that always let them be up with the times. These jewels can also meet our wish for change, just like a fancy pair of shoes or a new haircut would do…
Gloria Poggiali’s latest goldsmith work is “Scarabocchio” (Doodle) line. “I often let myself be influenced by simple, minimal, and most importantly casual prompts from everyday life. Through our jewellery I try to convey the same feelings of lightness and surprise that inspire me during the creative act”, Gloria Poggiali says.
The concept of this collection by Roberto Poggiali comes from one small daily gesture we often make absent-mindedly. How often do you find yourselves scribbling on paper while talking on the phone? This instinctive gesture has inspired her jewels with essential and light volumes: a single thread that, through endless and harmonious movements, creates and defines the body of jewels, whose elegance is enhanced by the abstract harmony of their shapes.
I’ll soon tell you more about Roberto Poggiali’s brand and their wonderful collections. Bye for now. Please check out the website and the Instagram page @robertopoggialijewellery to find out what “Scarabocchio” suits you best!

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