Officine Talenti preziosi end the wonderful jewels of special Designers

Good morning my beloved, brilliant readers!
Today I’m so pleased to write about a great initiative came from collaboration between Officine Talenti Preziosi, based in their new gorgeous premises in Via Margutta in Rome, and LUX MADE IN.

Association Officine Talenti Preziosi was founded in 2013 with the aim to spread the culture of jewels as fashion accessories throughout Italy, and especially in the city of Rome. They carry out training and research activities, and work with emerging designers, craftsmen, and goldsmiths. Of course, its 26 members have different background, style and experience, but they all share the belief that an effective partnership can help overcome difficult times, like those we’re going through.

Lux Made In was created by a group of over 400 entrepreneurs under 40 operating in the made-in-Italy jewellery-making. The Young Italian Jewellers’ Association selects and certifies new partners willing to join the network and presents the excellence of made-in-Italy jewellery around the world.
In one of the historic streets of the art in Rome called Via Margutta, I could wear some of the most interesting products. They were created by nine designers with different mindset, style and techniques, as well as with a different vision of jewellery-making. Please check out these jewels and all association’s designers’ creations on their personal social profiles or go and admire them in person, by appointment, in the premises of Officine Talenti Preziosi located at 83 Margutta Street (Via Margutta 83), or purchase them on the online LUX-MADE-IN platform.
Ear cuff
Marina Valli
Ear cuff
Marina Valli

Marina Valli, President of Officine Talenti Preziosi, is not only a designer but also a teacher at the ACM (Rome Costume and Fashion Academy).

Marina designed the pictured ear cuff; it belongs to the Stone Cutting collection, symbol of design research and innovation.
The earring I wore has a marvellous cornflower blue colour and what struck me most is its perfect geometric design which envelops your ear.
This is certainly an uncommon and unique piece of jewellery, perfect for women who want to be noticed, with elegance.
You can follow Marina’s instagram page @marinavalli

UOMUM JEWELS® by Gloria Passidomo

Gloria’s creations struck me not only for their beauty, but also for their strong inherent message. The necklace with pendant that I wore is a meaningful, eco-friendly piece of jewellery that represents Life and, in a narrower sense, Motherhood; “this jewel is designed for pregnant women, mothers or women who cherish being a mom”.
The piece of jewellery you see in the pictures has an extremely innovative design and is made of silver or gold with semi-precious or precious stones. It has a strong symbolic value, was created by a woman and enhances femininity in its highest and powerful.
You can follow Gloria’s instagram page an Facebook on @uomumjewels on website
The necklace by Christel Deliège I wore for this photo shoot is a small masterpiece. It shows her work on volumes and shapes and reveals clear ethnic influences from her anthropology studies.
You can find Christel’s decidedly contemporary creations, which impressed me so much, on her Instagram page @christeldeliege on Facebook ChristelDeliège
Travelling and discovering new cultures and the beauty and colours of nature are the main sources of inspiration for Lorella Verrillo’s creations. This designer’s work can be described as the result of a poetic vision, between dream and reality.
The necklace I wore in this photo shoot is made of stones, found or bought throughout the world. It represents the union of lands and peoples and expresses a magic harmony and softness of colours.
Please check Lorella’s creations on her web site and on her instagram or facebook pages @lorellaverrillogioielli
Laura Mustacciuoli


parure metacrilato
Laura Mustacciuoli

How can we not feel fascinated by Laura Mustacciuoli’s jewellery?

Her creations are made of bright, fluorescent methacrylate, and their hues and peculiarities make room for imagination and fantasy.
A triumph of shapes and colours that change according to the reflections of light. They are showy and joyous jewels, based on an in-depth and accurate technical study.
You can find Laura’s creations on her Instagram page @lauramustacciuoli or on her Facebook page @GlowingdiLauraMustacciuoli

SPIRUTUEL JEWELS by Sabrina Pancot

Spirituality, the beneficial and curative powers of stones, the influence of the Earth on our lives are Sabrina Pancot’s creative roots. Her Lotus Petal collection is a classical example of spirituel jewellery. I have dedicided to show you some earrings and a ring with amethyst, peridot and aquamarine stones that bring benefits to the body and the mind, and have a relaxing, pain-relieving and detox effect. I can still feel these effects in me!
If you believe in this and like these jewels as I do, please check out Sabrina’s Instagram or facebook pages @spirituel_jewels or in her website
Nadè by Nadia Coretti
I believe that all creations based on an idea, made with an eye for detail and precious materials are valuable jewels. This is why I wanted to include this wonderful jewel bag in my photo shoot.
This creation by Nadia Coretti breaks the classic rules and allowed me to play with its geometric shapes and colours. It’s extremely versatile as it can be an everyday bag or an accessory for special events; either way, it plays a key role in your outfit. If you wear it, you show that you reject homologation and want to be noticed. Every bag is made with the finest leathers and can be personalised.
All Nadia’s creations can be found on her website or on her Instagram page @nadelapelle
ear cuff
Lanzilao Jewels
LANZILAO JEWELRY by Fabiana Lanzilao
Ear Cuff
Lanzilao Jewels

Less is more… this might be Fabiana Lanzilao’s motto.

The common threads of Lanzilao Jewelry’s collections are in fact clean lines and simplicity, synonymous with style and elegance.
The jewels I wore bring together this simple principle and the designer’s creativity: an ear cuff and a ring of striking beauty and stylishness. They are everyday jewels, perfect for every occasion, perfect for modern women.
Check out Fabiana’s jewellery on her Instagram page @lanzilao_jewelry or on her website
Nature, its shapes, colours and diversity are the source of inspiration for Anna Pinzari’s jewels. I wore a set from the DE RERUM NATURA collection consisting of a necklace, a bracelet and a drop ring made of silver and rhodium. Their remarkable dimensions and extremely harmonious design made me think of a contemporary Yin and Yang where two parts, two different energies made of the same material, two different things complement each other. Harmony is thus the concept of these jewels, perfect for women in harmony with themselves and others.
You can admire Anna’s jewellery on her Instagram page
Dop Gioielli
Dop Gioielli

It’s an ode to the Mediterranean lifestyle, full of sun and colours, joy of living and friendship, tradition and family.

It’s a collection of modular jewellery that enhance Italian excellent cultural heritage, food diversity and craftsmanship.
The 3 Bs of made in Italy are Bello (beautiful), Buono (good), Ben fatto (well-made): the beauty of the Italian culture and tradition, the good of typical local products, and the well-made of silver and enamel handmade jewellery. Small pendants of clear national inspiration, lucky horns, coffee pots, old Lira coins, ice creams, little bells and small madonnas… in short, Italy’s traditional symbols.
You can see these creations on Instagram page @gioiellidop or in their website
To be continued, my dear readers, with our next “jewellish” experience!

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