Immago jewels, wonderful italian hand made jewelry

Hello all you my beloved and precious readers. It’s good to write to you again in my blog!
I’m finally back and want to offer you a few moments of frivolity as we go through a tough time.
You know I love scouting for brands and Italian artisans, established or emerging actors of the traditional Italian jewellery making. Today I’d like to draw your attention to “Immago Jewels”, the very interesting brand created by two passionate goldsmiths from Osimo, a little town in Le Marche.
anello Immago
Immago gioielli
Giorgio and Milena Graciotti blend creativity and experience to create exquisite entirely-handmade objects. These artisans’ motto is “passion and creativity” and their peculiarity is a combination of a predominantly classic style with the desire to experiment with new manufacturing techniques. This is the essence of Immago Jewels’s special and unique collections. They are made of gold, silver, precious stones and enamels and you can’t help but be fascinated by the swirl of colours, nuances, and minute elements which feature these valuable objects.
Intrecci (Tangles)… Sottobosco (Undergrowth)… Fleur (Flower)… Ninfea (Water lily)…. Dreamers… these are just some of “Immago Jewels” collections… their names recall a fairy tale world, a magical and unspoiled nature reproduced down to the details.
Have a close look at these jewels and dwell on every single part of the beautiful bracelets, earrings, rings, and necklaces inspired by nature: tangles of branches, flowers with colourful petals and also countless imaginary animals such as small bright-feathered birds, butterflies ready to take off, dragonflies, precious ladybugs, small frogs on wonderful, large leaves.
I was particularly struck by the flowers; they seem having just blossomed in an enchanted garden during an awakening spring in all its glory. As you wear them, you dive into this world of fairies and young princesses, where everything takes on a variegated and fabulous taste. There’s a specific, deep meaning in each flower, but “Immago Jewels” have an added value, so it’s even more exciting to wear one of them.
My dear friends, I’m sure I’ve aroused your curiosity and I bet you’ll be spellbound by these precious miniatures, true masterpieces. As you can imagine, this can’t be other than the result of an extraordinary work since its creative phase. This explains the alchemy between passion and technique which gives birth to these collections.
Please check out Immago Jewels’s website or have a look on Instagram at @immagojewels. Their e-commerce page has been active for a few months; order your favourite jewel now and receive it in 3 days.

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