Ziio Sparkling jewels

Good morning to all of you my dear jewellery-loving readers!


On this shiny March day, under a sky so blue that makes Rome seem even brighter, I want to tell you in my blog about a French designer, Elisabeth Paradon who create Ziio Jewels


Ziio jewels

When I met Elisabeth at the jewellery fair of Munich Inhorgenta, we hit it off. Elisabeth is an amazing, cheerful, dynamic, enthusiastic, creative person, just like the jewellery that is marketed under her brand name Ziio.

Ziio’s jewels are all handmade with natural semi-precious stones, silver, and Murano glass and are a combination of the many different cultures and atmospheres that Elisabeth has known and soaked up during her travels around the world. Her creations tell of far-away places such as Egypt, Greece, Thailand.

But also Venice, the city that more than others in Italy has an oriental atmosphere. This jewellery maker learned the art of glassmaking from local masters.

Ziio’s jewellery has its roots in the fusion of different ethnic styles and in thousands of colour shades combining the precious with the exotic. Being key elements to these jewels, materials are carefully selected based on their quality and colour.

The imaginative taste of the jewellery by Ziio reminds me of my childhood’s fairy-tale atmospheres, where multi-colour bracelets of tiny semi-precious stones were only for princesses, odalisques, and oriental ladies. These jewels are now proposed with an ultra-modern twist and stand out for their details and perfect manufacture. Also, they have another peculiarity… they are beautiful, sparkling, colourful, perfect for those who like feeling the warmth of the summer sun on their skin.

The wonderful jewels by Ziio are available at www.jewels-ziio.com and on their Instagram page @ziio_jewellery, you can find all new collections.

Write to you soon, my dear readers! have a nice day!



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