wonderful hight jewels by Angry

Hello, my dear readers and friends!
Last week I provided a foretaste of my friend Fabio Angry’s brand; today I’m gonna show you his wonderful creations… I’m so happy to take you once again in the Angry family’s factory…
As you will remember, I was so excited to watch the entire creation process of Angry’s amazing jewels: paper drawing, prototyping, engineering, casting, manufacturing, setting, polishing and quality control. Today I’m going to focus on the funniest and most thrilling part of my visit in Valenza, when I could admire and wear some of the most beautiful gold and precious stones Angry’s creations. I may be repetitive, but I assure you (and will prove it with some photos) I’m talking about luxurious and precious artworks, perfect in every single detail. As I already wrote “words cannot describe exactly the way I felt as I was wearing jewels by Angry”.
As you can see, Fabio’s masterpieces perfectly describe, or rather, replicate nature in all its shapes and colours. Animals and flowers are the subjects of their collections by definition and their realism is astonishing. Look at the tiger that seems to be studying you or at the sly-eyed monkey that seems ready to play pranks on you. It is impossible not to be enchanted by the giraffe’s elegance and beauty. The iguana seems to be about to capture its prey. If you close your eyes for just a moment, you’ll be thrown into fantastic environments, rainforests or torrid savannahs. You’ll smell unexpected scents of Angry’s perfect and multicolour flowers. This is the amazing world of Angry, where unreal becomes real as you touch it.
As a true lover of animalier collections, I was enchanted by the high quality craftmanship of Angry’s goldsmiths, a team of 20 people working with passion and incredible dedication. When I’m with Fabio, in the midst of his new jewels, he often encourages me to have a closer look at the details, so we spend endless minutes admiring together the perfect execution of a piece of jewellery that can tell stories and call forth emotions.
I couldn’t say which jewel among the thousands I wore is my favourite, but I can say I left my heart in Valenza: the multicolour, double-faced wings of the beautiful butterfly pictured here stole it. The fantastic jewellery by Angry always put a smile on your face, are never predictable, apparently excessive or classic, extravagant or elegant, they are always definitely recognizable. Every single piece is one-of-a-kind, unique and especially designed for demanding customers of refined aesthetic taste.
I conclude by posting my favourite photo from the shooting made in Valenza. Please go and check out on Instagram all videos I made in this splendid family-run Italian business I love so much.
You can find jewellery by Angry at www.angry.it or on their Instagram page @angry_jewellery; their creations can be bought at Gioielleria Micarelli in Rome, Gioielleria Re Mida in Vicenza and Noli Gioielleria in Varazze.

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