N.A. 79 JEWELS wonderful cocktail rings

Hello my dear jewellery-loving friends,

today I want to tell you, in my blog about N.A.79 Jewels, a brand whose collection of 925 silver rings managed to really impress me. I met Antonio Catalano during Homi Fashion and jewels Milan 2019 fair, that I attended as Ambassador of the event. He’s the designer and founder of N.A.79.

As you already know, innovation, uniqueness and research are Homi Fashion & Jewels’s core and goals. As you walk among the many stands, you come across up-and-coming designers, creators of innovative jewels and discover the fashion trends of the coming years …

Like I wrote, I first saw and wore N.A.79 creations during this event… My gaze was immediately attracted by their amazing glaze rings with semi-precious stones. You know, I love my job because every time I think I’ve seen everything, I find myself watching in raptures, all in all, quite classic design jewels.

This was the case of N.A.79. Their rings are just the way I like them: they’re “chunky”, pretty showy and yet not vulgar, have bright colour glazes near vibrant diamonds or glowing, sparkling stones, often in stark contrast, which gives special harmony to lines, design and colours.
When you look at their cocktail rings, that bring to mind summertime, beach parties, the heat of the sun, joyful feelings… your mood suddenly gets better.

The rings by N.A.79 are one-of-a-kind pieces, handmade by able craftsmen; they’re boule, square, rectangle, or band shaped. Coloured glazes combined with carefully selected and matched stones give birth to splendid plays of colours.

N.A.79 Gioielli does not only produce rings, but also customizable earrings, tennis bracelets and metal and stone bracelets. Antonio and his staff are exceptional people, extremely helpful and can meet every woman’s need with kindness and professionalism.

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Check out all jewels at www.na79gioielli.com and on their Instagram page @na79gioielli.

I will be Ambassador of Homi Fashion and Jewels again in a few days, so follow me to find out all novelties of 2020.

A hug to all of you jewellery lovers.

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