Dewyld, the wyld side of jewelry

Dewyld jewels
Good morning, my dear readers!

Today in my blog I want to take you with me into a fantastic world, a fairy tale populated by thousands of fantastic beasts: the world of DEWYLD Jewellery.

Which one of us, as a child, has never fantasized to be an animal as fast as a cheetah, as free as a seagull or as proud and brave as a lion? In many cultures animals are regarded as our spirit guide as well as our alter ego in the dimension of fantasy. Alessandra Zanetti, creator of the Dewyld brand, has succeeded to translate all of this into silver.

Although it’s a very young brand, it’s rapidly growing in the industry of contemporary design jewellery. Dewyld’s creations stand out for their innovative design, where the interpretation of animals is “out of the box”. Its collection is entirely dedicated to nature and to the wild animal kingdom; every character seems come out of a somehow traditional, somehow just imaginary fairy tale. Here’s finally a brand full of energy and personality, whose animals are reproduced with a unique, very innovative, peculiar design, far from traditional patterns.

Alessandra Zanetti is a wonderful, sunny, beautiful and sweet woman with a strong sense of taste. Born in Austria, married to an American, she has always been working in the jewellery industry, so now that she lives in Milan, she has set up this fascinating brand. Its jewels are shaped into geometric, occasionally angular, but still very romantic forms. Dewyld’s animals of fantasy are incredibly expressive and enshrine both strength and sweetness.

Dewyld is a brand for all ages. It made my daughter Margherita and me go crazy. Neither of us could decide which animal to choose among all of them. My favourite pieces? The rabbit and the mouse! But the wolf, the owl, the unicorn and the pug-dog are just as amazing. Since Margherita and I got an

Dewyld jewels
animal by Dewyld, we have been challenging each other to tell the “most fantastic” story about our magical character.

There is plenty of choice for anyone of you, my dear friends: pendant and stud earrings, choker and long necklaces, bracelets with and without charms are available in three-dimensional or geometric shapes. It’s a line that can perfectly fit to those who love animals, peculiarity and beauty.

You can find the entire collection at or on the Instagram at dewyld_official. We’ll catch up next week with a new article. I’ll wait a lot of you!

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