Francesca Corradini special original jewels

Francesca Corradini jewels
Good morning, my precious friends. Between one fair and another, I’m back with you in my blog to raise again one of the topics I love the most: talented Italian goldsmiths. They could be defined as “niche artists” and considered as the real treasure and the true expression of Italy’s creativity in the world.

This time I’m going to tell you about Francesca Corradini, the young Italian goldsmith I was pleased to meet during SIERAAD fair in Amsterdam. As I often do, I was immediately fascinated by her unique creations, definitely original both in style and design.

That’s why I met Francesca, a woman, a mother and an artist. She told me

Francesca Corradini jewels
about her own personal journey, especially as a goldsmith. Absolute self-taught, her works – actual, tiny sculptures – come to life in her hands, without moulds or sketches; they take their final shape only after several working processes, which makes her jewels truly unique and one-of-a-kind.

Francesca Corradini loves working in the solitude of her workshop, often at night. She forges every single piece mainly out of poor materials, because she rightly believes that style and intrinsic meaning give more preciousness than the material value. Her creations are made with old tools only, and yet they show personal features of modernity. Whether copper, brass and bronze take on geometric or irregularly sinuous shapes, they always offer an unexpected, fascinating wearibility.

Large volumes and strong personality characterize Francesca Corradini’s

Francesca Corradini jewels
creations and make them so special that every piece seems especially designed for a particular woman. I very much enjoyed wearing her jewels, because they forced me to turn different every single time. Their unique structure and original design make the Italian manufacture so exclusive.

Francesca Corradini jewels
Check out all her collections in her website

Thank you Francesca and thank you my special jewellery loving friends.

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