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Good morning, my precious friends!
Today we are going to have a new adventure. I’m on train on my way to Milan, where as an Ambassador I’m going to attend the HOMI Fashion Jewels fair. This year, for the first time, HOMI has dedicated a full section to Fashion Jewels. Many of the most important Italian and International high-quality and sophisticated jewellery and costume jewellery manufacturers are exhibiting their products here. The companies are divided into four categories: fashion accessories, costume jewellery, jewellery and packaging. The launch of this new project entirely dedicated to jewels is based on three key concepts of Homi fashion and jewels: UNIQUENESS, RESEARCH, INNOVATION.

Uniqueness. As I’ve already said in a video posted on my Instagram, I think that the concept of originality is making small masterpieces, unique and one-of-a-kind jewels with an idea, a story, a project behind as well as single “pieces” especially designed for those clients who trust in their choices.

Research is the study of a design challenging architecture, art and fashion with the aim to overcome the rules of what is known and of what has never been done before.

Innovation is using traditional and innovative materials, new shapes and colours, original inspirations and influences to get a piece of jewellery by turning an idea into substance, in a journey of continual and unique suggestions.

I’m so happy to take part in the HOMI fashion and jewels fair not only because of the assignment I was given, but also because many of the 576 exhibitors participating in this edition are friends of mine. I’ve already talked to you about some of them, and will soon tell you about others.
HOMI Fashion and Jewels aims at making people know fashion-linked jewellery as essential accessories of the daily dress-up. As always, my task will be to share my feelings with you, to scout for new talents in the world of Italian and international fashion jewellery makers and to tell you about the jewels that most impress or surprise me.
Write to you soon with the best of…
Love, your jewellery blogger

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