Creart II and his explosive creations

Hello, my precious friends!

Who hasn’t fallen in love at first sight? Alas, I’m not talking about men… I’m talking about jewellery, purses or dresses, spotted by chance in a magazine or in a shop window… unfortunately for my wallet, it happens to me all the time. Today I want to tell you about my encounter with a piece of jewellery I now consider a loyal travelling companion, so I carry it with me whenever I visit international fairs.

Here are more details. Crime scene? OROAREZZO!!! When? About two years ago, during one of the first jewellery fairs I attended … While walking around, lost among hundreds of stands, I suddenly came across CREART II and it really was love at first sight: a sequence of animal jewels, faithful miniatures of all styles and colours, was staring at me from behind the glass of a stunning shop window. You know when, before the window of an animal store, you stop dead at the sight of the pleading eyes of a puppy? This is what happened to me before CREART II’s windows.

Although nowadays animalier collections are produced by all brands – from bigger heritage companies such as Cartier or Chopard and their iconic jewellery to smaller workshops and their silver products available at any jewellery’s – I assure you that CREART II’s pieces can really touch the heart. The collection features a wide variety, a unique realism and an astonishing beauty. CREART II’s motto is “Don’t wait for a second opportunity, if you can make an impression at the first one”, not by chance.

The strength of this company, founded in Arezzo in the ‘80s, is the top quality and undoubted originality of its jewellery, as well as an extraordinary attention to detail. These qualities are highly appreciated in the fashion industry and this is why they could set up partnerships with major brands like Tom Ford, Moschino, Jimmy Choo, Emilio Pucci, Bottega Veneta, Roberto Cavalli.

Design, colours and wearability of CREART II’s jewels are impressive. One of my dreams came true thanks to one of them: having an incredibly realistic snake necklace to wear and flaunt. As you can imagine, I wear my most beautiful and precious jewels at international fairs, but no other piece of jewellery excites people’s interest and curiosity as my CREART II’s beautiful snake does.

CREART II’s creations fits to anybody’s taste; their production includes leather bags, belts, clutches and many other fashion accessories showing the same appeal and truthfulness. Every single ring, bracelet and necklace – from the smallest pieces to the most eccentric and showy ones – has its own undeniable and unique personality and recognizability … If I could, I’d buy them all.

CREART II’s jewels are available in plenty of Italian jewellery shops. You can also follow them on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date about new products.

Thank you, jewellery loving friends. Write to you soon in my blog!

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