Le Sibille and our trip in the past

Anello Le Sibille
Hello, my precious friends … today in my blog I’m gonna take you with me on a wonderful journey into the past. You’re gonna meet three women who, in their (magic) Roman goldsmith workshop, have managed to reinvent, and to reinterpret with a modern twist, the art, the spirit, or better said, the soul of an authentic Renaissance workshop. Despite their different
Collana Le Sibille
educational and professional background, these amazing women have combined their genuine passion for art, history and jewels in small, but incredible works of art. Antonella, Camilla and Francesca have thus given birth to LE SIBILLE. When I first met LE SIBILLE, I immediately realized and loved their ability to infuse jewels with their thorough knowledge, spirituality and strong sense of belonging to the Earth, understood as pure substance: earth, fire, water. All their jewels are influenced by techniques from all historical periods and with different geographical origins, but the small Roman mosaic is the one that most of all brings out their technical skills and creativity. The small Roman mosaic is a technique that originated in the Vatican Mosaic Studio and reached its peak in the middle of the 19th century.
Scapolare in micromosaico
The MICROMOSAIC is LE SIBILLE’s most renowned and popular production line. With tiny tiles of glass paste, gemstones and gold, they create true masterpieces of technique and colour. Believe me when I say that these jewels are UNIQUE, DIFFERENT, EXTRAORDINARY WORKS OF ART.
Every line of the brand is clearly influenced by history: The Giants, a line of rings with aristocratic-inspired inlays and stones; Lilliput, whose tiny details suggest an Eastern influence; Lumina, a collection of bronze and silver jewels where micromosaic turns bigger and acquires new chromatic shades … Their newest production is a line for men, Daedalus: voluminous, magnificent, Cardinal’s rings for strong hands that I wouldn’t have trouble wearing with great ease though, even if I’m a woman.
Collana e anello Le sibille
Recently I had the good fortune and the pleasure to wear many jewels from their collections and I assure you that one single piece of jewellery can completely transform any outfit. As you watch, touch or wear LE SIBILLE’s precious jewellery, bear in mind the major feature that makes it stand apart: IT HAS … A SOUL …
All collections are available on the website www. lesibille .it, can be searched as “Le Sibille” on Instagram and Facebook, can also be found at Danieli Hotel, Cipriani Hotel and Bevilacqua Gioielli in Venice, at Di Losa Gioielli in Capri and Palazzo Manfredi Hotel in Rome.
I’ll be back soon my precious friends!
Le Sibille Gioielli

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