FREDIANO PROPERZI: Innovative design, Italian hand made

Good morning to all of you lovers of jewlery!

Today I would like to take a look at the modern design of a very innovative collection of jewlery. Recently I found an amazing collection of jewlery, absolutely modern, very different from the mainstream design of most jewelers.While I was walking through the streets of the center of Rome yesterday, looking for some new pieces, I got stunned when I found a wonderful creation of jewlery.

Looking at the shop’s window I got already temped, as much as I get temped by the smell of a croissant fresh out of the oven.Once I got inside this tiny shop, I saw an endless quantity of gorgeous art work, made by this incredible goldsmith.

This incredibly talented man called Frediano is able to imbue his creations with sensibility and strength, which by the way are also very evident characteristics of his personality, so his work has a very strong signature.

Anello e Bracciale argento 925 Hand made

Frediano told me that he started working with gold at a very young age. He started his formation studying art the art school Silvio d’Amico, learning the art of being a goldsmith. Then he specialized at the university of Perugia studying chizeling and engraving.

While talking with him I immediately noticed how knowledged this man is and how deeply informed and dedicated to his art, which allows him to follow his creativity and fantasy freely, always supported by his solid technique.

As you can notice from the pictures, each jewel has a line, a curve or a wave; even though the shapes are very linear and geometric. In each piece there is a very strong touch of sinous lines

that are very reminiscent of the female body. These beautiful jewels are really made for the body and its unique beauty.

Collana ed Anelli in argento 925 hand made più pietre dure

Each object is hand made, very unique and full of stunning details, possesing the great ability to become like a dress for the person who is wearing it.

A bracelet or a necklace that Frediano makes helps to transform anything you are wearing into something incredible. In the collection of this artist you can find a piece of jewlery perfect for any occasion of the day and the night, for any age and for any type of clothing.

Each collection is different but all of them have a clear and unique signature. A lot of his collections are inspired by nature: water, air, trees, roots, light… Other instead can carry a strong reference to the use and the combination of  differents materials combined with silver…Some collections are really extravagant and showy, wearing them can really become a beautiful artistic challenge.

Obviously this is just a very small part of his entire work. In my opinion, the most particular and playful collection is the one presented at the exposition in Paris “BIJOUX DE LA NATURE”

His full repertoire with the most extravagant and also rather unpretentious jewelry can be found on his website: or in his shops in Rome in street Monte della Farina 36 and street Poggio Ameno 41.

My dear friend Frediano gave me a few of his amazing art works for a very good price…

So my dear readers, did I surprise you this time with this amazing artist and his precious work? Now is your moment to decide to get lucky and buy and wear not a mundane jewel but a piece of art.

Thanks Frediano and thanks dear friends.

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