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Hi my dear bling loving friends,
I’m finally back to tell you in my blog about an amazing project of our “cousins from across the Alps”: the French Fashion Corner, promoted by the agency for the internationalization of French companies Business France. The French Fashion Corner platform is especially designed to allow new French niche brands become known by Italian entrepreneurs, buyers, distributors and retailers. You will discover these new young companies on the Internet; in the meanwhile I wore for you the jewels of some of their most interestingbrands, all based in Paris.

The first brand I want to talk about is Satellite, created in 1987 by a couple of Parisian artists. Their jewels are all handmade and aredesigned in their workshop in Paris after an in-depth study of materials and possible combinations: gold, stones, silk, pearls, rock crystal and feathers are used to create exquisite and precious pieces of jewellery. Every step of the making process,from embroideries to stone settings,requires working time, but most importantly passion.  The jewels by Satellite are available in boutiques in Paris, in stores in Milan and Rome, and on the French Fashion Corner web site.

Julie Sion

Another brand I want to talk about is Julie Sion’s, another Parisian artist who studied art history at the Sorbonne. Julie Sion’s jewels reflect her love for materials, colours and for the harmony of shapes and volumes. This designer’s production is the result of a close collaboration between the artist and her suppliers and the artisans who finish her work. Herfacility for sharing and the uniqueness of her work allowedJulie Sion’sto collaborate with brands such as Chanel, YSL, Balmain. Her jewels are distributed in France and abroad. Please can check them out on the French Fashion Corner.

Valerie Valentine

The last brand I have the pleasure to tell you about is Valerie Valentine’s, creator of extremely stylish hair accessories. Valerie’s creations are true jewels, conceived, designed and made with high quality and very colorfulnatural materials. Simple accessoriescan often give a touch of class and uniqueness even to the simplest outfits. Valerie Valentine’s creations are especially meant to make us unique! Her accessories meet every woman’s needsand can transform or enhance any hairstyle. You can find Valerie’s hair accessories on French Fashion Corner.

It was such a great pleasure for me to present this project. Especially in this period of physical distance, I’m always so happy to take you virtually with me around the world. This is the end of today’s short imaginary journey in our beloved Paris.
Look forward to our next jewellish adventure!

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