Roberta Risolo and her wonderful Salento’s jewels

Good morning my dear readers and jewellery lovers,
Roberta Risolo jewels

Here we are again, stuck at home, dreaming of getting away even for a second and of leaving behind the strange nightmare we are living. To make you feel better, I’d like to take you with me on an imaginary journey to one of the most beautiful regions in Italy: Apulia. Here we’re going to meet an excellent artist, Roberta Risolo, whose beautiful jewels are inspired by the centuries-old culture of her land.

I met Roberta last summer, while walking through the streets of the beautiful city of Otranto, that I love so much. Her beautiful showroom is located right between the Cathedral and the Aragonese Castle. As you know by now, when I find peculiar, refined and attention-drawing jewels, I’m not satisfied until I get to know their creator, his/her story and inspiration… If you look at Roberta’s creations – beautiful rings, bracelets and earrings recalling coral branches, prickly pear blades, etc. – and at the materials she uses – incl. olive wood, local stone. – there’s no doubt about the origin of her inspiration. The breath and the colours of the magnificent land of Otranto live in Roberta’s jewels, so I couldn’t help but try to enter her world.

Inside Roberta Risolo’s atelier-workshop, I could understand even more her attachment, or rather,  love story with her land. She is not only inspired by the sparkling colours of an explosive nature, not even by the warmth that envelops you or the hospitality of the local community, but also the very structure of the territory… the stones, the olive trees, the baroque embellishments of balconies, the dry-stone walls, the decorations of the portals, the floor mosaics, all reproduced in small, unique masterpieces…

Roberta Risolo has always had a passion for jewellery and art; she soon understood what her path and her specialization would be. She graduated in art and metals for goldsmithing from an art school; her interest in the field brought her to Vicenza, where she attended specialization courses and worked for prestigious companies. After concluding her studies, she returned to her homeland. Here Roberta achieved her goals continuing her research and experimentation, participating in numerous exhibitions and even teaching her art to young students as passionate as she is. Her work and wonderful jewels now enrich and add value to her land.
Roberta Risolo’s creations are unique, innovative, refined and always originate in strong ideas. She uses olive wood, Lecce stone, more or less precious materials, brass, rhodium, bronze, gold plating that convey the true essence of what she reproduces. The collections Fico d’India, Abbracci (my favourite) and One all have a strong personality and are extremely pleasant.
Go and check out her website Roberta Risolo’s jewels will take you to the wonderful Salento (the heel of the Italian “boot”), they will bring you back memories of the scent of an incredibly blue sea, the colour of the sand, the magnificent architecture and the ancient culture… especially in these days we all need this…
Write to you soon, my loyal jewels-loving readers.

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