NOMINATION, Composable Love

Hello my dear readers, jewellery-loving friends,

In this hard time, I’ll try to draw your attention away from negative emotions by telling you about Nomination, a jewellery brand that needs no introduction. They had a huge success between the late 90s and early this century and their products are more fashionable than ever now.

Nomination was one of the forerunners of composable jewellery that is so popular among young and very young people. I was about 14 years old when I composed my first bracelet. I was so excited every time I could add one more small piece to my jewel, that I used to never take off.

Through its endless combinations, Nomination lets each of us carry the symbols of our passions, of our favourite pet, of the sport we do, our initials or those of our loved ones, amulets and lucky charms of all kinds. This brand produces in fact a wide range of golden or silver symbols set on small steel rectangles that can be put together to create the perfect bracelet.

I have fond memories of my mom, my sister and I spending hours choosing our pieces, and I remember the times when new little rectangles for our bracelet were our “deserved rewards”. Once it was complete, we used to start a new one!

My Instagram followers must have read my post #unoameunoate by Nomination, where I explain that this composable, thus customizable, bracelet is the perfect gift for the people we really care about.

As my mom passed this tradition on to me, I did it with my little girl. Being a mother means to me sharing happy moments with my children; because a mother can also be a friend, a companion, a confidant. Margherita is already 8 years old and is growing up. We love doing everything together, that’s why I wanted to give her a jewel that represents us and, if possible, binds us even more.

“One for me one for you” by Nomination reminds her that her mom is and will be there in every moment of her life, is someone whom she can play and have fun with, is someone who dedicates her time to her and gives her endless love. She has good time in gradually building the bracelet of her dreams that symbolizes our wonderful love story, and this is stimulating for her imagination and her personality.

In my case, Nomination’s “one for me one for you” told the story between my mom and me yesterday and tells the story between my daughter and me today (I still have all my old bracelets and keep on collecting new ones; you should see granny and granddaughter challenging for the most beautiful jewel).

It can also be a gift for a girlfriend or a boyfriend (black and titanium blue editions are amazing for males), for sisters and brothers, for best friends… in short, it’s just perfect for all.

And what about the composable watch? Very nice indeed… another brilliant idea!

Please have a look at the website and pick what best describes you, or check out the Instagram page @nominationitalyofficial.
listen you soon your MissGio

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