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aqva&co jewels
Good day my dear jewellery-loving friends,
Today I’m going to tell you in my blog about Aqva&Co, the brand created by a couple of young Sicilian guys, Roberta and Antonio, who are endowed with a refined aesthetic taste and bound by love for each other and by a common interest in jewellery.

Roberta and Antonio’s story was born at sea, thanks to their passion for diving and for the underwater world, hence their brand’s name. Their love relationship and shared passions are sources of inspiration for truly elegant jewels created with meticulous attention to detail that call to mind a finesse of yesteryear.

Antonio and Roberta work in the small, yet beautiful town of Monreale. It’s so evident that their collections are affected by the cultural influences of the place where the couple grew up, studied and can still breathe beauty and refinement.
Every single jewel by Aqva&Co is one-of-a-kind piece carefully and
aqva&co jewels
passionately handcrafted by Antonio and is the result of extensive experimental work. What impressed me the most is their ability to create jewels that are simple only in appearance, they are inconspicuous, extraordinarily refined, delicate, influenced by a classic taste, and the meticulous attention to detail makes them really special and unique. The beauty of their creations easily adapts to every woman and to every occasion; it’s just nice to wear them together with virtually any outfit, from the simplest to the most elegant.

Aqva&Co offers a wide range of collections – SQUARE, BUBBLE, BOLD, SASSI, GOBU – each of them having its own equally highly enjoyable style. You can choose either silver jewels with a modern and attractive design, or golden jewels with diamonds and precious or semi-precious stones.

I must confess that my favorite is GOBU green collection; all earrings, necklaces and rings have sea waves, symbol of Aqva&Co’s logo, carved into them. I think they’re amazing. On top of that, as you can see in the pictures below, they can be easily combined together to make an even more unique and special piece.

And what about the BUBBLE collection that includes jewels that are just perfect for next spring and luxurious, brightly coloured but easy to wear piercings? You know me by now, I’m going to wear more than one and, obviously, the more colourful they are, the more I will adore them.

Dear friends, please have a look at the wonders by Aqva&Co on their website and choose your favourite piece or buy it on , or go and check out the Instagram page “Aqvaandco”.

I’ll be back next week with a new article by your MissGio.

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