Ottomarzo, special Jewels for special woman

Good morning and happy New Year to all of you, my jewellery-loving friends!

I want to start this new year, that will certainly be full of super-sparkling surprises for all, by telling you in my blog about Ottomarzo, a new, very young brand dedicated to the “woman” and to all her intimate facets. As its creative directors say “Ottomarzo comes from the desire to give every woman the opportunity to express her own personality through the jewellery she wears, in an original and unconventional way”.

Ottomarzo has created several extraordinary and never banal collections of high quality jewellery made of 925 (nickel free) silver. These jewels have extremely different design features that can meet any desire. Every woman can wear the jewel closer to her personality to tell who she is.

Look at the smooth and sinuous lines of some jewels by Ottomarzo, inspired by nature or by the image of women loving themselves and fully self-aware, or rather at the geometric shapes and clear and clean lines of others.

What strikes me most about Ottomarzo is that this brand’s jewellery can enhance the feminine shapes and lines, but above the temper of each one of us. Not only do these amazing creations offer brilliant and innovative design, but they can also light up the face of the women wearing them through flashes from white and coloured zircons, mounted by meticulous, skilled jewellers.

My dear friends, Ottomarzo jewels will allow you to be style icons in every moment of your life. Ottomarzo certainly has the best solution for you. And remember: wearing a jewel that perfectly fits your taste or your way of being can undoubtedly bring out your personality.

Please check out all collections by and on Instagram @ottomarzo_gioielli.

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