Wood and Plexiglass in Maria Gaia Pavanetto’ s Jewels

Good morning, my dear jewellery-loving readers! Today, in my blog, I’m pleased to tell you about a wonderful young artist, Maria Giovanna Pavanetto, whose woks I first admired on display at Artistar.

Maria Giovanna Pavanetto is a young goldsmith of Venetian descent living in Puglia. In this very land of majesty, after completing her apprentice at a goldsmith’s workshop, Maria Giovanna turned her passion for jewellery into a job when she created her personal brand.
Maria Giovanna’s jewels are unique. Their geometric shapes in unusual materials such as plexiglass or, conversely, extremely sinuous and
warm shapes in wood impressed me to the point that I wanted to know everything about how she develops her ideas and, above all, how she realizes them.

Maria Giovanna Pavanetto told me that she collects olive branches in her own garden and picks those which seem more suitable for a “jewellous” production, those with the clearest knots and grains. The cutting and transforming process starts from the outline of branches until, after long filing, they take the perfect shape.

When you look at or wear her splendid jewels, you can fully understand that Maria Giovanna Pavanetto has an intimate and vital bond with her adopted land. A true exchange of feelings between Puglia’s thirsty, wonderful nature and this brilliant artist.

This is how these wooden rings and bracelets are given life. Wearing them is, dare I say, a mystic experience. Once worn, they seem they belong with you and although they look unusual, even alternative, they are so elegant and have such a unique style. Maria Giovanna Pavanetto doesn’t produce magnificent jewellery only in wood, but also in silver and plexiglass: powerful geometric figures with unique and well-defined lines characterize this collection and convey a hypnotic sense of determination and strength which recalls the 70s. A vintage, yet modern spirit.

Each jewel is entirely handmade with love and great attention to the lines. Maria Giovanna Pavanetto is an amazing artist who gets inspired by nature. She has a fine, eccentric taste and creates jewels that never go unnoticed. Choose your favourite piece or make your requests to Maria Giovanna. I’m sure she’ll be able to meet them thanks to her skills and kindness.

Her Instagram page is @jo.contemporaryjewels. Go and check out her fantastic and innovative

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  1. ms. Arpita Agarwal Reply

    Really Maria Giovanna Pavanetto is an amazing artist who gets inspired by nature and design jewellery is made up of wooden. Like Wooden Rings and with powerful geometric figures which is unique and beautiful. She is a brilliant artist.

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