World of Love, for your special memories

world of love per missgio
Hello, my dear jewellery loving friends!
Through my blog, today I want to take you around a wonderful world, the world where the memories of my childhood, my family and my passions have a special place.
world of love per missgio
I have a great passion not only for jewels, but also for travel… as daughter of an air force pilot, loving travels and adventures and longing to explore and experience different cultures and traditions are in my DNA, they’re part of my life. Unknown airports and unfamiliar languages are among my earliest memories… At this point you can imagine my delight when I first saw and wore the flagship jewel of a leading company based in Vicenza.
world of love per missgio
WORLD OF LOVE was the name used to launch this piece of jewellery. A beautiful necklace with a globe-shaped pendant of natural lapis lazuli with inlays in precious stones such as nacre, abalone, unakite, African jade and jasper, all surrounded by silver outlines and a fob chain.
Parallels and meridians are set off by zircons or symbols that evoke fantastical journeys… planes, sailing boats; other symbols refer to love, the second level message of the pendant, because without this feeling one cannot enjoy our wonderful world. Here are then some symbolic charms: infinite, heart, peace.
The globe comes in several sizes, bigger or smaller according to the necklace’s length, without affecting its beauty and uniqueness.
All necklaces are made of silver 925 and are produced in three variation colours: gold, silver and rose.
Wearing one of their necklaces is to me like carrying the world, and, along with it, many of my trip memories and my resolve never to stop travelling, learning and growing.
world of love per missgio
I gave a small colourful globe to my daughter, hoping that it can inspire her to the pursuit of knowledge or stimulate her curiosity.
You see, it’s not only a splendid piece of jewellery. I consider it – and consequently wear it – as if it was a talisman. When I look at it, a smile breaks across my face, while thinking about my next trip and the people I will meet and love.
Trust me, a World of Love will be a post-it on your skin, a point in your to-do list of things that are worth doing in life as you wear a gorgeous piece of jewellery that will not go unnoticed.
All models are available and can be purchased on the website; you can follow World of Love also on Instagram @world_of_love_jewels and on Facebook “World of Love”.
Thank you my precious friends. Write to you very soon.

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