“Lemir” the perfect Valentine’s gift

Good morning, my dear jewellery-loving friends!
Today in my blog I want to talk about an amazing gift idea for the forthcoming Valentine’s Day: Lemir Jewels’ very nice and fairly cheap creations based on a truly innovative concept.
If you’re sick of traditional hearts, chocolates, flowers, ribbons, candlelight dinners, romantic getaways, photo books, or if you want to mix all this with something really new, here it is for you a rather unconventional present: a jewel that can preserve all of your memories.
Lemir Jewels’ fantastic idea is a small, fine 925 silver box containing a heart I’d describe as magical.

As you can see in the photos, there are contemporary and attractive design bracelets and necklaces of different types. Each of them has a small pendant that hides a personal, secret code that allows you to play an augmented reality video. What do I mean?

Any video with a special meaning to you – the first trip with your true love, a collection of the pictures of your life, your wedding or your honeymoon, the minute your children were born or any other memory that is dear to you – can be uploaded in the bracelet or necklace through a specific application and saved forever.

You, or the person who receives this “magical” jewel as a gift, can carry the memory of true love forever and watch it or show it at any time, and feel every time first time emotions. This is Lemir Jewels’ fantastic idea: a jewel and a video, or a photo book, combined in one single object, but, above all, a truly new way to keep memories forever.

Your precious memory will always be with you around your wrist or neck, ready to be watched on your smartphone over and over again.
Any time is the right time to value your promise of love, but especially on Valentine’s Day don’t miss the opportunity to “cry it out” in a video and to upload it on a trendy bracelet or necklace. Every day, every hour, every moment this object reminds that the person who loves you is next to you, is with you and has thought up and created something special that will accompany you throughout your life.
Buy one jewel by Lemir on www.lemirjewels.com, download the application, upload your video with your personal code and give this small precious object as a gift, or treat yourself to it, to display and preserve your emotions forever. You can also buy two jewels for your couple with discount price code “ENSEMBLE”.
Check out and purchase all models on Instagram at @lemirjewels.

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