Dueci Bijoux, Claudio Canzian wonderful Design

Dear friends, today in my Blog I will talk about Claudio Canzian, a famous bijoux designer from Italy who captured my attention with his exceptional creations that are being sold in many countries around the world.
Chatting with Claudio, I got to know the story of his brand that was born in 1980. After first having worked asa representative of fashion accessories, he decided to create his own brand that with the years became an important one in the world of jewelry.
Claudio began his period of research and study, which led him in 1985 after attending the goldsmith workshop of Fratello Alberto to create his first jewel with the brand “Claudio Canzian”.
This company has grown over the years, creating partnerships with some of the most prestigious Italian and international brands, becoming his core business today.The difference between jewelry and bijoux is very small nowadays.
What makes the difference are really the more or less precious materials and the stones that are being used.Claudio´s creations are very high quality bijoux, made with infinite care and refinement in each detail.
Over the years, the collections have been reinterpreted, reinvented and thanks to new production techniques have evolved, creating a unique and innovative style that is always in fashion.Every bijoux is handmade in Italy, so each creation is truly a unique piece.
Claudio´s collaborating goldsmiths are specialized in the art of welding, sanding and embedding.
The metals used by Claudio are brass, an alloy of copper and zinc. These materials prevent his creations from being damaged over time, so they can maintain their quality.The stones that he uses are agate, quartz, carnelian, onyx, turquoise as well as amber and corals. In some creations he also uses Swarovski-certified crystals, ground crystals from other manufacturers, glass, resins of German production, natural river pearls and synthetic ones.
When Claudio describes his creations, you can immediately perceive that he makes his jewels with love and dedication, he says that this passion for jewelry comes from the love towards women and their beauty.
I can personally say that I love to look flashy but maintaining the class, wearing these shining creations I feel exited.The selection is very wide, every collection and every bijoux has its own individual character…I would like to have all of them, some are more for the cat walk, others for very posh events, others more simple for every day occasions.So, what are you waiting for? Check out his website andbuy one immediately… You won´t regret it!
Thanks Claudio, till very soon my dear readers


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