Doris Gabrielli and contemporary jewelery

My dear friends and lovers of jewelry! It’s already the fourth year that I come to spend a week of holiday in Brunico, a lovely and beautiful location in the region of Trentino, together with my family and my closest friends.
Especially in its historic center, this charming town in the region of Valpusteria has retained much of its medieval character. Around the period of Christmas it’s the colored lights, the Christmas market with typical regional products and the snow that covers all of the roofs that give an extra touch of beauty and charm to this beautiful small town.

Doris Gabrielli jewels

Because of my pregnancy I couldn’t ski this year, which gave me the occasion to become better acquainted with the city, its shops and the locals, all of whom I found to be extremely friendly and welcoming.

In the main street of the town there is the jewelry store of Doris Gabrielli, a very beautiful woman, elegant, sophisticated, kind and competent. Doris is a wonderful goldsmith with an innate taste for contemporary design. Her creations are particular geometric shapes, defined or abstract, created through passion and continuous research, because Doris—who loves her Jewels like her own children—always continuous to study, to improve, and to consider the counsel of her beloved ones and of her loyal costumers.

She passionately relates the stories of how the ideas of unique piece are born and how they are produced. She transmits all the love for her creations through the precision of the design, the accuracy of the production, and the positioning of her jewelry in the most suitable showcases.

The windows of her shop stand out in the snowy white surroundings and her creations are small masterpieces that invite you to enter her store. The warm atmosphere of her shop together with the beauty of her creations and her love for details invite you even more to stay and explore her works of art.

Each item is produced in 18ct gold and semi-precious stones, many of them absolutely unique. Among the innumerable pieces that I would have bought, I fell in love with a beautiful ring in diamonds and konk gold, shells of the Atlantic ocean with a marvelous color that make the ring a truly unique and fascinating piece.

Doris is a daughter of art, she studied in one of the most important schools for goldsmiths in Germany. There she developed her passion and inspirations for her first collections.

As I already mentioned, each art work that she creates is a unique piece with a sophisticated design; and I can assure you that entering into her shop is a real experience, because Doris likes to get to know her clients well, so that she will be able to help you find the perfect piece of jewelry that best represents your style and your taste.

Well, dear friends, if you decide to stop for a walk in Brunico after skiing at Plan de Corones, don’t forget to go to the amazing shop of Doris Gabrielli to get to know the little masterpieces of this wonderful artist. I’m sure you will fully appreciate my advice.

Thank you, Doris, we see each other next year, and to you, dear friends, a warm hug!

Brunico Via Centrale 7a.

Tel/Fax 0474 555301

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