FANCS.V: Luxury and elegance for hight class women

Good morning my dear friends and lovers of jewels! Today I want to talk to you about my fantastic experiences at Vicenza Oro. As I already told you, I had the luck to get to know many goldsmiths, producers, designers and distributors who helped me to broaden my understanding about the wonderful world of jewels from all over the world, but in particular about the amazing manufacturers from Italy.

One of the most touching meetings I had was the one with a couple from Palermo, who made their love for each other the strongest quality of their passion as jewelers.

As it often happens, my first encounter with them was random when their beautiful objects caught my attention in the shop window. As you can observe in the pictures, these objects are incredibly beautiful. Elegant and sophisticated like their creators, the beautiful Simona Elia, the creative soul in their collaboration. Looking at their collection, the piece that attracted my attention the most was this incredible ring shaped like a flower with a small frog that is holding a pearl. Admiring such a beautifully decorated and special object, I could not resist to try it on. This provided me with the fortunate occasion to get to know them, first Simona and then her husband Natale, an extremely kind and lovable couple who welcomed me with the hospitality and warmth that is typical for Sicilian people.

Between Simona and me there was immediately a great empathy, in fact after I told her about my project she was immediately supportive and gave me great energy to go on. I was also so amazed by their creations… The beauty and the uniqueness of their creations. As you can see in the video footage I filmed a few of their pieces and I asked them to tell me more about the story of each one.

As I mentioned before, the brand FancsV was born in a dream of love. This love is particularly strong with both of them and their three children, and this harmony and love is reflected in their gorgeous productions.

Simona mentioned to me that their creations are mainly inspired by observing the nature, flowers and animals…

Another important characteristic of their brand is the use of pure and precious materials, so that each object is magnificent and unique.

Simona is able to express her incredible talent in all of her creations, each detail of her work is stunning. Have a look for the example at the details of the small dragonflies on the pendant earrings, with the great natural pearl, or the beauty of the small frog which closes the beautiful tennis bracelet. It’s clear that this work is the result of an extensive study of the details.

The great talent of these artists can also be seen in the more classical objects, such as the rings with natural pearls surrounded by a composition of precious stones, or their wonderful branching of diamonds on the splendid bracelet of natural pearls that make the beauty and the preciousness even more vivid.

What do you think, dear friends, do you also find these pieces so incredibly beautiful?

I confess to you that I’m very proud that I got to know the family Vitale and that now you also know about them and their brand FancsV, a fantastic brand in my heart and from today I hope in yours also.

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For those of you who are interested in getting to know their collections, here are the links:

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