PERSONALIZZA IL PERSONALE: Marco Mormile and the jewels you always wanted

Good morning my dear friends, here is my confession for today: I love social media, I am social media, I live of social media. I know I’m not the only one… When I wake up every morning I always check my iPhone with big curiosity to see what happened in the world and in particular in my world! And finally in the night when I finished with the work of the day, I retreat to my room to answer to all my mails, to see what my old and new friends are doing and in particular to explore website of jewels all over the world.

One day recently while I was surfing on Instagram, I found the splendid website of Marco Mormile, an incredible artist who I want to introduce to you in this article.

Marco is a goldsmith from Napoli who managed to imbue his creations with the fantasy and the creativity of his land together with a sense of perfection and the maximum artistic rigor. Marco is an exquisite man who conquered me with his kindness and cordiality.

On the Facebook page “Personalizza il personale” (costumize your personality) I ordered my first jewel from him right away and Marco immediately made himself fully available to me. After three days my piece was ready, looking exactly how I was imagining it.

Marco confessed to me that he always had a big passion for jewels and therefore he studied in the Academy of Art in Napoli. He started to work in a jewelry company very soon after the university, reproducing antique jewelry from the 40’s and 50’s. After that he started developing an interest for the drawing and the design of modern jewelry, and because of that he is able to mix up styles and to create a very personal cultural mix that make his creations unique and special.


A few days ago I contacted Marco again because I wanted to give a present to my sister Michela… So I asked him to make her a ring with the initial M of her name (the type of ring that is very in fashion lately). As you can see from the picture, the ring he created is very beautiful and unique, very different from all the very banal “chevalier with initial letter” that you can easily find around. This is the quality that I love the most about Marco Mormile, his ability to make each object unique, because he creates it especially for the person who orders it.

Marco draws and assembles his creations himself, embedding and glazing each jewel. He produces gold and silver jewels with precious stones and also metal and hard stones like ebony, turquoise and shagreen, so that each piede is unique and full of personality.

“Personalizza il personale” is his brand name, you won’t find his wonderful brand in any other shop but only on his website.


Marco also works as a freelancer for the most exclusive brands of jewelry, as his creations are appreciated and wanted all over the world.


As always I had the luck to see all of his creations, and also this time we will have the opportunity to buy some of his wonderful and precious creations with a discount, only for you my dear friends.

Kind regards my dears and don’t forget about “Personalizza il Peresonale” of Marco Mormile! Thanks Marco and thanks to all of you dear readers, a warm hug from your Miss Gio.

Thank to:

Marco Mormile: Goldsmith, Instagram marcomormilejewellery, Facebook Personalizza il Personale tel +393396523925

Arianna Bonafede: Photografer

For order or personalised the items below and for discount prices call : +39 06 21129770

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