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Good morning dear lovers of jewlery, this is my first article and to start right off I want to present you Raffaella Zanetti, she is the creator of a collection of jewels that we can absolutly define as luxury jewlery. Their unique quality, beauty and elegance immediatly attracted my heart.

Let me tell you how I met Raffaella. I first encountered this amazing artist when I was looking at some jewels on Depop, a mobile application for trading jewlery. I have to confess I always look at it on my phone…

My attention was caught in particular by an amazing pair of earings with incredibly beautiful details and colors that made those small butterflies look almost like real ones, ready to start flying at any moment…

Those earings had to be mine. So I decided to get in contact with her and get to know more of her amazing work and her love for drawing jewels.

When I got to know Raffaella, she was at the begining of her carreer, but it was clear that soon she would become a star for connoisseurs of jewlery.

Adamant and determined, Raffaella has always been working in the fashion industry. Her intention was to create a line of jewlery with a strong personality for those who want to stand out and not go unnoticed, for those who love color and glossiness.

As Raffaella likes to say, the jewels need to transmit an emotion as soon as you look at them. Her jewels are worn by women who always want to feel unique, innovative and outstanding.

Each precious piece is handmade, which is also why each of them is different. The structures often recall Buccelletti from the 70s and 80s, the quality and the attention to detail make the pieces unique and special.

The jewels of Raffaella are extremly colorful, shiny and lovely and they always give you the sensation of being perfectly dressed.

The summer is the perfect season for these adorable objects, when the amazing and shiny nuances of those jewels highlight the bronze of the skin. Thanks to those beauties I never went unnoticed during my summer nights.


The crowns with butterflies, the bracelets with acorns and oak leaves, necklaces with wine and olive leaves, all those jewels are inspired by the coutryside of Toscany, a land very dear to her. Other jewels are decoreted with octopus, shells, sea star or sea horses, inspired by the wonderful sea of Argentario, and also frogs, bees and wild strawberries… A triumph of ornaments that allows the collection to be perfectly wearable in every season of the year.

Do you like to dare as I do? Are you looking for jewels that will not only make it impossible for you to ever go unnoticed but also allows you to always be classy and elegant? Then this jewlery is perfect for you.


A luxurious detail unique in its own genre. Raffaella was able to create incredible jewlery that is perfect for any age, for women who can’t miss the oppotunity to have at least one piece of this quality in their collection.

And now somethig for my ladies, Raffaella created a pendant lens to support your vision without constantly having to take out the reading glasses… A perfect idea that always allows you to be modern and in fashion in every situation of the everyday life, even at the supermarket. 

You can find all her jewlery in her very elegant shop on Capri, in Porto Cervo.

And very important, I managed to get a special price from Raffaella for you dear readers, so if you’re interested you can order your favorite pieces here on our site.

My dear friends, I’m sorry that I have to repeat myself but I would like to say that in the moment you decide to buy a piece made by Raffaella Zanetti, you are buying a brand made in Italy, a precious object that is always unique and that will help you make you look unique and wonderful in every occasion.


Thank you Raffaella and a big thanks to you, my dear golden friends.

For order or personalised the items below and for discount prices call : +39 06 21129770

Collana argento 925 Raffaella Zanetti Farfalle smaltate a mano
Anello Raffaella Zanetti argento 925 Farfalle Smaltate a mano











Bracciale argento con smalto Raffaella Zanetti
Bracciale Argento Manetta foglia









Orecchini nido D’ ape argento 925 smaltati


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Raffaella Zanetti – Orafa e Designer – raffaellazanetti25@gmail.com

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